The Club at Las Campanas
Water and Wildlife Conservation
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Birds of Las Campanas

The Club at Las Campanas' seven ponds covering 15 acres have made the area home for many native birds as well as a nesting area for several species of migratory birds. 

Bird watching enthusiasts enjoy monthly guided Bird Walks by our resident birding experts Tom and Wyatt Egelhoff.  Read an in-depth article on the migratory birds by Wyatt here.


Greater Scaup

Black Crowned Night Heron

Snowy Egret


Black Necked Stilt

Belted Kingfisher

White Faced Ibis

Western Gribe and Ring-necked Ducks

American Kestral - released after rescue

Pinion Jays - feed primarily on pinion nuts and travel in large flocks

Sandpiper Sp - moving through New Mexico during fall migration

American Coot

Evening Grosbeak

Rescued Horned Owl Release

The Santa Fe Raptor Center takes in rescued and injured birds for rehabilitation and later release back into the wild. These birds are taken in starved, dehydrated, hypothermic, or occasionally habituated to human beings. It is the Raptor Center’s job to nurture them back to health and eventually back into the skies. When many of them come to the Center they are babies and cannot fly. It is the Center’s job to feed and hydrate them and make sure their caloric intake and calcium intake is sufficient to help them grow at the appropriate rate to be released.

Birds of prey go from babyhood to adulthood before winter, as they need to leave the nest and be self sufficient. The Center has a Great Horned Owl foster mom that helps to keep the babies wild until they can be released. Once they are flying they are moved to a 50' flight cage that is 12' high. Here they learn skilled flight and build strengthened muscles. Also at this time they attend hunting class in the evenings where they are provide with live rats to catch. This hunting class is their final test before being released and lasts up to two months. These birds are a benefit to have in any area as they keep the rodent population in check.

Photos from the September 2012 Horned Owl Release are featured below. Another Horned Owl Release is planned in the spring of 2013 from The Club at Las Campanas.

2013 Owl Release


 Two owls are realeased onto the 9th hole of the Sunset course.

There are many owls that live and nest on the Las Campanas property.

Young and mature Owl

Mature Owl used for educational seminars by The Santa Fe Raptor Center

Injured Owl Rescued by Las Campanas Member

To learn more about the water conservation efforts, the nesting and migratory birds or the Audubon Sanctuary Program contact Tom Egelhoff at


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